Rencontrez Jennifer Culhane, Responsable Achats de matières premières chez Sanofi.


my name is Jennifer Cole hain I’ve been with Santa Fe for four and a half years now I currently am working in North American procurement where I support 15 production facilities focusing on raw materials as well as direct reports located throughout the region being in procurement there’s a lot of interactions internally there’s a lot of collaboration with business partners to understand their needs mitigate risks and drive value back to them at their business level externally there’s a lot of activity that occurs with suppliers to get the best quality product at the best market conditions the key for me is to align both the internal and the external to really drive the value for the company the three pillars of procurement have really become find cheaper buying better and buying less and it’s really the buying cheaper and buying less that we are beginning to focus more on in procurement because that really is what drives long terms value what I really love about my job is that I will be one day working to supply material for a rare disease product later that afternoon I could be working with our egg suppliers to boost productivity with the eggs that we’re using in flu and then later in the afternoon I can be on a conference call dealing with the animal health group so no day is actually typical for me and that’s what makes my job so great I come to work every day at Santa Fe with a purpose and that really is to help deliver safe effective and innovated products to those who need them the savings and value that my team and I are able to generate can be used by Santa Fe directly to reinvest in additional products and new R&D this is what really makes me proud to work for Santa Fe and I’m passionate about what I do because it really does make a difference for people if possible

Jennifer Culhane, Responsable Achats de matières premières chez Sanofi.

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